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9 June
Hello! My name is Daria. I live in a small city that is located near Moscow. So you can do a wild guess that i'm from Russia. Which will lead to posts in Russian sometimes. When I will do blogging, which I don't do a lot in livejournal.

For six years I learned about navigation, orientation and stabilization and then 2 years about automatic control systems in uni, so well I'm aircraft's engineer by my specialization and have a master's degree in automatic control systems which I guess is nice. But currently I'm unemployed, doubting my skills and everything, existential crisis be damned. Oh, and I had a depression which I believe is currently cured. But sometimes it bites my ass, so don't worry. In reality everything is ok.)

And have another journal. It's fully in Russian ( http://dreams-about-sky.diary.ru/)

I'm still not certain of my English language skills. It's my second language. So pardon my mistakes. Please)

Social capital

  • less than 10